AlternateEarths.com launched in March of 2015 as a gathering place and collaborative community for creative persons (artists, writers, photographers, filmmakers, models, etc.) who wish to produce comic books, stories, scripts, video, sequential artwork, etc., online.

Our Focus

AlternateEarths.com was envisioned as a collaboration site specifically designed to develop unique fictional universes populated with original characters and stories, but it is also an organized depository for various fan works about universes already established, such as: Marvel/DC, Star Wars, Middle-Earth, etc., and a place for individuals or solo artists/writers/models who simply want an online sharing space with an active creative community to display their artwork, stories, photography, computer graphics, poems, scripts, video, etc.

AlternateEarths.com does not accept Pornographic or "Lewd" Works

We are aware that a large amount of fan fiction and art on the Internet cater to "Adult" themes, we also understand that the definition of what is considered pornography or lewd is a matter of taste and varies between individuals. In order to keep our focus upon universe creation and character development with ongoing storylines, we must insist that users upload content that is of a higher standard than many other "gallery" or "fan-fiction" sites. For this reason we have adopted the motion pictures industry rating system of G, PG and R for submissions. We believe that everyone understands what those ratings entail, and images or content that would rate NC-17 or X-rated will not be allowed. Removal of content is at our sole discretion but users will be notified of the reasons behind any censorship or deletions and given the opportunity to resubmit. Refusal to follow these standards will result in deletion of the user's account.

Your Copyright

Your creative works are your own, and AlternateEarths.com does not claim ownership of any works submitted to this site (except the site owners own submissions). Indeed, original works submitted to this site will automatically be time stamped and designated as your original works in order to verify the creator's ownership. By doing this, AlternateEarths.com ensures a secure place for users to deposit their creations and share ideas without worry of intellectual property theft. And if a user's work becomes of interest to an outside publisher, movie company, or other media group that wishes to develop your idea, AlternateEarths.com will not stand in the way.

Copyright Infringement & Removal

AlternateEarths.com respects the copyrights of others and expects that any submissions to our site are original works or have been permitted for use by the copyright owner. We will expeditiously remove any copyrighted works from our site and delete the accounts of users who continue to infringe after being warned. AlternateEarths.com is protected under safe harbor and DMCA rules and accepts no liability for the copyright infringement of it's users. For more about Copyright Infringement go HERE, and read our DMCA page HERE for full instructions on how to remove copyrighted material from our site.